September 14, 2021

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  • Work and learn from the best people everyday
  • Be yourself at work

Do you have your head in the Cloud? Good. At Accenture Cloud First, we’re looking for people who live and breathe Cloud. Inventive, imaginative and optimistic people, whose heads are filled with the possibilities of Cloud technology, with the technical ability to make them happen. People who don’t want to even think about settling for an ordinary Cloud career. People who want to fast-track their future and work on amazing projects with global impact.
Job Summary
Our Software Engineers are involved in developing key business features for the Stack product. They participate in all levels of the software development lifecycle, including the planning and design, build and testing of customer alert functions for complex business logic. These are unique positions in which we can drive innovation and play with new technologies across Global Fortune 500 companies.
You’ll be challenged to solve complex problems for clients, including implementation changes with technical constraints, and use Automation to identify data. At Accenture we will provide you an inclusive environment to grow and learn, and ability to step up and promote rapid and dramatic change.
Skillset and Characteristics Preferred
  • Python experience for back-end development a must
  • A basic working knowledge of Splunk and Git is favoured
  • Beginner experience with bash scripting, HTML, CSS, and JS for front-end development